Cress 2013 – Appeals against disqualification

The following appeals were received this evening. I will deal with each in turn.

R v @TheCatsDaughter

This appellant appeals on the basis that she’s just taking part “in any way I can”. She did not enter the competition at the correct time and did not submit a picture. Appeal is dismissed

R v @judemymum

The appellant claims to have received her Cress Pack, submitted a photo and contends that the tweet submitted contained the hashtag #Cress2013 and “@biltawulf”. Unfortunately this was a lie, as is evidenced below.


The appeal is dismissed.

R v Lucanesque

The appellant submits that he entered the competition properly, submitted a photo and included the hashtag and “@biltawulf”. He then claims “I failed to submit my photo in time because I was being forced to entertain t’other half’s friends for brunch. But, they were sown on time. Tried to invent time machine to go back and submit pic within timescales stated in the rules, found that was impossible so drank a bottle of Baileys to make it all better. *bottle of Baileys not to proper scale :(”

The appellant clearly admits that he failed to submit his entry in the designated time period. The available period spanned two days. Appeal is dismissed.

R v Catherinelm

The appellant rightly states that she properly entered the competition and received cress. She accepts that she has not yet submitted a photograph. She appeals on the basis that “I have been away for a long weekend. I left home Thursday morning and I return this evening. I am fully intending to plant my cress then.”

As part of her appeal she relies on the support of others;

@Biltawulf @Catherinelm She was staying with me. I demand you let her continue. Disqualify me.”


@taranoodle @Biltawulf @Catherinelm Valid excuse methinks! Disqualify ME!!!!”

The first supporter, @taranoodle, suggests that she be disqualified in place of the appellant. This is not within the rules. The second supporter, @Jezzebela, demands that she be disqualified instead. As she is not a competitor, this is clearly not possible.

It is noted that the appellant is already three days behind in an eight day contest. It is also of interest that the appellant was aware of the risks of leaving her cress at home. Aware that the competition was beginning on the 7th November 2013, she tweeted on the 6th November 2013, ”

@Biltawulf nooooooooooooo. I’m travelling for. 5 hours on a train tomorrow. Should I take #cress & saucer with me?”

She knew the risks and travelled without her cress regardless. In the circumstances, her appeal is dismissed.

R v @MattRedmore

The appellant concedes that he did not submit his tweet with photo. He claims that “Tweet failed to send, like an idiot I didn’t notice. Issue with linking my twitter account to my photos in iPhone settings.”

I think we could all claim that. It’s a tough world. Appeal dismissed.

R v @luckylisp_uk

The appellant properly submits that she entered the competition and received a Cress Pack. She accepts that she submitted a photo of her cress but failed to use the hashtag/@biltawulf terms correctly. She further appeals that “I am shite on my phone… and am exhausted after a day of willy swabbing and basically dropped the ball )no pun intended) … AAW COME ON GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!!”

Of further note is that the appellant has been trying to compete using two different Twitter names causing the organisers much confusion. Accordingly, her appeal is dismissed.

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