Cress 2013 – Day 4 (Round 2)

Halfway through – doesn’t time fly? If you’ve managed to get this far it’s more likely to be due to my benevolence and leniency, rather than you sticking rigidly to the rules. 

Hopefully by now your cress will be giving off a rather pungent odour and attracting rather unflattering comments from anyone who comes into contact with it. That doesn’t matter. Sadly, I can’t smell your cress, but I am VERY* excited about seeing how it’s progressing.

It is therefore the moment where you have to post your halfway photo. Here are your instructions. READ THEM CAREFULLY.

(1) You need to take a photograph of your cress, still in it’s saucer and next to the saucer must be a piece of paper with your Twitter name written on it. 

(2) It’s a bit miserable at this time of year so I’ve decided to give you a treat instead of making you write out a codeword. Next to your saucer must be your favourite chocolate bar. After you’ve taken your photograph you can eat the chocolate bar. Be grateful, I was seriously considering one suggestion to make this the swimwear round. If you’re unable to eat chocolate then you’re disqualified. 

(3) Tweet the picture to me at @biltawulf making sure you use the hashtag #Cress2013. Failure to get this right will result in disqualification. 

(4) No more Mr Nice Guy. 

(5) Enjoy that chocolate. Remember, after posting the picture, don’t send me any more pictures of your cress until I ask. *They’re really not that exciting.

(6) You have until midday on Wednesday (UK time) to post me that picture. Good luck. 

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