Cress 2013 – the final round

We’re eight days in and have reached the stage where your cress should be at its peak. 

All that remains is for you to submit your final photo. There are, of course, a few minor (but vital) conditions. You must read them all before making your submission.

(1) Your cress must still be on the same saucer. 

(2) You must have a metal tape measure in the picture which clearly shows the height of the cress (from root to tip).


Before we can bid you farewell

A limerick first you must tell

Your tales of success

Of growing fine cress

(And also the godawful smell) 

(The limerick must be handwritten and your own work. It must appear in the same picture as your cress. Anti-plagiarism software will be employed),

(4) A coin must be clearly visible in the picture.

(5) Your Twitter name must also be clear on the same piece of paper as the limerick.

(6) Poor quality photographs will result in disqualification. 

(7) In advance of the anticipated wave of disqualifications you must also take a photograph of your saucer without the cress on it. It is anticipated that a number of entries will be disqualified due to the use of unauthorised vessels. You will need to use your metal tape measure again to show the diameter of the saucer. Do not submit this photograph unless it is specifically requested. Unsolicited saucer shots will result in disqualification. 

(8) The picture must be submitted by midday on Saturday (UK time). Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 

(9) The picture must be submitted from the user’s own Twitter account. Pictures submitted from other accounts simply copying in the user’s name will not be accepted. 

(10) Rule 4 must be ignored. 

(11) The accompanying tweet must include “@biltawulf” and the hashtag #Cress2013

(12) No questions can be asked about the above rules. 


Good luck. Judging will take place on Tuesday 19th November 2013. 



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