Cress Stage 2 – Seeding

The application process is over, now the game begins. First of all though, you need some cress. Initially, I was going to limit the cress that I would provide to 100 competitors, with the others having to source their own. That had a negative side to it – most of you are too mean, lazy or apathetic to actually buy your own seeds and there would be a chance the competition would fall apart. So, incredibly generously, I have decided to send seeds to almost all of you. The only people who will still have to buy their own cress are our Australian friends, who have very important laws relating to the importation of fauna and flora, as we’ve all seen in that documentary where everyone ends up with a AUS$200 fine. Well I don’t want anyone getting fined so they need to get their own. Happily cress is available in Australia here. I’ll be sending it to competitors in all other countries – last time it all seemed to get through, but just in case you may want to keep an eye out for your own supplier just in case Customs get a bit weird over it.

Now this is all a bit of a faff, many of you struggled with the simple task of inputting your name and address into a form and I don’t even get a chance to enter, so I think it’s probably about time for you all to give a little back. Quite rightly the rules forbid children from taking part, but that doesn’t stop us helping out the ones who aren’t having a great time of things. I’ve set up a JustGiving page here and would ask that you make a small contribution though it to Children in Need in lieu of the money you’d have had to spend on seeds and postage. It’s not obligatory and no one’s keeping a list. Heck, you can even do it anonymously. It’s your conscience… Oh and great news for those people not taking part, you can donate too!

Okay, I’m going to get the cress to you as quickly as the Royal Mail can manage. I’m hoping everyone will have their seeds by Thursday 24th November 2016 for growing to start on the Friday. DO NOT start growing your cress before then – YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Remember, this is not just about how well your cress grows, it’s about how it represents 2016 for you. Of course to decide on the best entries we needed a judging panel and I’m very proud to announce the line-up here.

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